14 Things People Who don’t Watch Game of Thrones Can Relate To

Ever since season 7 of Game of Thrones began airing on HBO last month, it’s all that anyone can talk about: during work, in online group chats and even during the brief albeit painfully stuffy trips via the elevator. Even worse is when you know you are the only one who still doesn’t understand what all the fuss is about.


1. Even though it’s clearly August, your friends will repeat the phrase “Winter is here” underneath the blazing hot sun as if it’s some secret code.


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2. When winter is really here, your friends will mysteriously disappear every Sunday evening…


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3. …Only to rise again on Monday morning. Instead of making monotonous small talk, people now spend Monday mornings exclaiming over what just happened last night and complaining about spoilers.


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3. When you reveal you don’t watch GoT:

“What!? You have no idea what you are missing.”

OR “It’s amazing I promise you’ll get into it!”


Cersei Lannister


4. Or if you plan on starting now, it’s too late because everyone around you have already spoiled it.


Sansa Stark


5. When someone makes a GoT joke and you smile awkwardly pretending to have understood the context.


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6. When you didn’t even realize it was a GoT joke and you’re like “eh?”


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7. When you get called out for not watching the show.


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